At SSEAMS, we take our readers behind the scenes of the best independent brands the UK has to offer and when Scottish brand Kiltane accepted our invitation to take the front cover, we dug a little deeper into who was wearing their beautiful cashmere sweater and Harris tweed blazer? Introducing Rosie Sullivan...




Growing up on the remote Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, music and nature were the two binding forces in Sullivan’s childhood. With a musical diet ranging from Joni Mitchell to Genesis and stunning landscapes from which to draw inspiration, the now 21 year old was already writing music before her teens. 

Sullivan’s break came in 2021 with the release of debut single ‘So It Is’, a gorgeously simplistic song released in demo form that has since gone on to pass 600,000 streams on Spotify. The version you hear is an instinctive and powerful first take harnessing more beauty and connection than a polished studio version. As will soon become known about Sullivan, the intimacy and stark vulnerability of her songs in their embryonic forms can often prove the most powerful.

Now back with a new EP, ‘In My Nature’ that augments the themes from the debut record; Sullivan shows why she is regarded as one of Scotland’s most promising up and coming songwriters. She and producer Ross Hamilton (Seafret, Izzy Bizu, Isobel Campbell) have introduced more textures and broader arrangements creating deeper subtly that contrast the shimmering lush soundscapes. The new arrangements lift and pull the songs into areas she has never ventured, giving her voice a new platform than earlier releases. The record bursts with colour; engaging the listener to feel the wild romanticism in the pictures she paints. It’s a triumph which has resonated with listeners and live audiences.


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